Saturday, 21 October 2017

Thinkers Keys for the term

The three thinkers I will be trying this term are The Alphabet, The prediction and the What if. I will be using these approaches in small section of the lessons and hopefully by the end of the term will be able to see some students using them on there own.

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We will choose an object or general category of objects which feature in the area of study and compile a list of words from A-Z which have some relevance to the objects or pictures. Then we will try to expand some ideas which link with each of the chosen words.

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We will ask the students for a series of predictions in regard to a particular situation, product or set of circumstances. "What do you think happen if?" "What do you think they will do, say look like?"

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Here we can ask virtually any What if question. They can be either serious or frivolous. We will try to tap in to the students' knowledge base and generate loads of innovative and creative ideas.

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