Thursday, 5 October 2017

The marks are in....

After receiving all the work samples from my select students I was able to use the developmental writing scale to grade the students and check to see if my use of some of Tony Ryan's thinking keys and the use of "The Game of Awesome" have improved the writing of the students.

Ben has made an increase of 2 levels. He was at level 9 and is now at level 11. As you can see from his work sample he is able to write 3 or more sentence (coherent but limited cohesive)

Matt has not made any progress and his work is still at the same level. He has had a high amount of absenteeism which has meant he has missed a lot of lessons. He stays at level 8 and is able to write partial sentences of three or more words independently. This is in contrast to the piece of writing you see here. He has used the game cards and also asked for a lot of support from teacher aides to complete the task.

Sam has shifted 2 levels from 9 to 11. As you can see from his sample he is able to write 3 or more related sentences (coherent and limited cohesive)

Jess has made a 1 level shift from 10 - 11. She is able to write at least 3 sentences that are related (coherent and limited cohesive) It would of almost shifted to 12 however the prose needed to be sentences that could not be re-ordered without changing meaning. As you can see all these sentences are able to be re-ordered without it losing any of its meaning.

Denise has continued to stay at the same at level 10. She has written 3 sentences that are neither coherent or cohesive. Even though this is a good piece of writing in the pre-test this student scored extremely well so to make any progress on this would of been very difficult. 

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