Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Review of the first term

thinking capAfter our first assessment to check how my select students had achieved I was able to sit down with Donna our Head of Literacy and unpack these results. We came to the conclusion that the method of my classes was actually in fact more activity based and students were highly motivated by the game rather than showing or developing good thinking skills. What I need to do now is concentrate purely on developing thinking skills. I will continue to use different keys which have been developed by Tony Ryan and implement these keys across different areas we cover each day. By doing this I hope to achieve better results and it will strongly based on the development of thinking skills through the use of the keys.
I will continue to keep Mathew in the group and hope he starts turning up to school.
I will also try to keep the writing samples as independent as possible with no other help or support from teachers or aides. We will no longer use "The Game of Awesome" but rather keep to our own lessons and introduce different thinkers keys to trial.

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