Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Autism Network - Developing Critical Thinking Skills

Image result for jurassic park play stationImage result for sonic the hedgehog play station

Image result for homemade mapOn my search to find out different points of view for teaching thinking skills and how to assess for them. I came across online article of a parents view on how her son had great critical thinking skills from a early age but was looked at like a failure from a professional stand point. The website is American and part of the Autism Support Network.
She talks about being able to show her son how to do things to establish curiosity. Without this he would not be motivated to perform any of the set tasks and would patiently wait until further instruction was given. Also how many skills were learn't playing arcade style games on Play Station like systems. It was amazing to hear how his general play incorporated so many critical thinking skills with out even focusing primarily on that.

You can read the article here

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