Thursday, 18 May 2017

What does assessment look like for us?

In the senior cluster at Sommerville we have developed our own assessment across the five targeted curriculum areas.
For the purpose of this inquiry I will focus on Literacy and the assessments tools we use.
One of our best tools for assessment is through a document called Student Learning Achievement Profile or S.L.A.P for short. This process allows for great student agency as they are able to select a goal for the term as well as teachers being able to select a goal for the term.
Twice a year every student is graded against our Functional Literacy checklist. This a checklist which we have designed that covers all the areas we felt important for a student in the senior school at Sommerville to be working towards.
Also probably our most important form of Assessment is the Individual Educational Plan (I.E.P.) which are short and long term goals that have been created by the teacher and parent with the support of the student and therapy team at Sommerville. This year has seen every student with a literacy focused goal that has been broken down in to termly achievement check points so that we are able to gather data and report back at the end of the year on the students achievement.
To make this easier to collect data I have created a termly google form that is completed by students, teacher aides, and teachers. Here is an example.

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